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Sour sap or Guayabano fruit ,role in cancer treatment

I am amazed at the number of tropical fruits and vegetables that are now becoming a source for the treatment of various illness especially that of cancer. I grew up in a country where almost every house have a guayabano tree growing in their backyard. Guayabano tree is a moderate size tree, and bears fruit all year long. The tree is not a prolific fruit bearer. The fruit which is quite large ,irregular shape and greenish in color and is covered with conical nibs. It usually ripens during the rainy season or moonson, as it is called in South East Asia. The fruit grows very close to the trunk or stem which supports its weight. The fruit must be picked when matured other wise it will be bruised and picked on by birds. When ripe,the fruit emits a citrusy,soury smell signaling that it is ready to be eaten. It takes a few days or a week in the kitchen counter for the mature fruit to ripens. Usually it is ripe when it is soft to touch, like that of avocado. The skin of the fruit is thin and leathery. Upon opening the fruit,you will see segments of creamy flesh . The pulp covers the seeds which is quite large and numerous. Put a fruit segment in your mouth and savour the ambrosial taste. Guayabano grows wild in the amazon forest of Brazil where it is called graviola. The Spaniards refer to the fruit as Guanaba.

Extracts from guayabano can attack cancer cells safely and effectively without causing extreme nausea,weight loss and hair loss. It protect the integrity of the immune system and avoid deadly infection . It makes one feel stronger throughout the course of there chemotheapy treatment. Guayabano kills malignant cells in 12 types of cancer ,including colon, breast,lung and pancreatic cancer. Guayabano is said to be 10,000 times more effective in slowly cancer than andriamycin , a commonly used chemotherapy drug.

The compounds extracted from guayabano selectively haunts down and kill only cancer cells and not the good cells.
South Americans traditional medicine uses various parts of the guayabano including the bark leaves,roots,fruits and fruit seed in the treatment of heart disease, asthma,liver problems and arthritis. The National Cancer Institue performed the 1st scientific test in 1976. Results showed that guayabano leaves and stems were found effective in attacking and destroying. malignant cells. Numerous uses of guayabano in folklore medicine shows healing properties. The seeds have emetic property and used for treating vomiting . Crushed leaves is applied directly to the wound to promote healing. Juices are taken orally as a remedy for arthritis,haematuria and liver ailment. The decoction of the young shoots is used as remedy for gallbladder , as well as coughs,catarth,diarrhea,dysentery, lice, bedbugs and indigestion. In addition, the root bark is used as antidote for poisoning.

I combed the Farmers market, Asian,Mexican and African and Indian stores to see if they sell the frozen fruit or if anyone grew the fruit in there backyard. The fruit can grow in Vista, San Diego, Fullerton California and some parts of the LA basin that has a microclimate that is subtropical. The Fullerton Arboretum has a microclimate that suits growing of these tropicals. I have seen the guayabano tree there but not with fruit. The only guayabano I found is canned sour sop juice which is a product of Thailand. The brand is FOCO. The great thing about this find is that the juice list the first ingredient as water and the second ingredient is sour sop puree 25%. I purchased a dozen of the canned juice and intend to go back for more. If you live in the East Coast, you can go to Canada where guayabano is sold in the market (the restricitons for foreign imported fruit is not as strict as USA).
Mexico is in close proximity to California where they grow guyabano, which they call guanaba, however one can not take it back to the USA, I guess the same thing goes for Canada

Besides the alleged medicinal property of guayabano, the fruit is also high in fiber and vitamin C.
The internet offerings for guayabano is in the form of capsules,drinks and pills .
If you know someone who grows this fruit in their backyard,please let me know and I would like to purchase some.
Also I would like to know more healing fruits and vegetables that you might know, that I do not know.

Addendum to my blog: as of late 2015, Vallarta ,a Mexican supermarket sells this fruit occassionally . I fruit  a fruit cost is $ 14.99 per pound. I bough 1 fruit which cost me $34.00, a little over 2 lbs. but it   as well worth it. The store manager informs me that the supply is sporadic. Keep watching!

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