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Morning glory, how to flower when vine fails to bloom

I love morning glory . It is a must have plant for me. This plant is an annual in my area, so every year I buy a morning glory vine, already in its glory,twinning,flowers and all. This year after April Fools Day I purchased a 5 gallon blooming morning glory . I planted the vine in an area that will provide sun all day as is in the requirement. According to the instruction, this vine will grow in any soil condition and will tolerate drought. They also have fast growth and twinning habits which is excellent for the trellis outside my bathroom. It will provide shade to my house and reduce cooling cost.

In April, the rainfull came and the temperature dropped with days of cold spell. The winds created havoc . My vine looked like it went to the war, but resilient. The flowers came the first week I planted it and then stopped. I was worried that the gophers had taken a bite of the roots, I check gopher activity and there was none. I augmented the soil with Amend, since I did not enrich the soil when I transplanted it. I waited 2 weeks, no flowers, but the vine is twinning all over the place. I fertilized with a high phosphorus fertilizer to help bring it to bloom, still no flowers.

I have asked every person I know who likes plants and no one know’s whats wrong. My garden experience is worthless if I can not make this vine flower. I check the internet for tips on how to flower morning glory but none of my query’s resulted in an answer on how to flower morning glory. Each day I check the vine to see if there are buds , but to my dismay, the vine is all leaves.

By the end of April on to mothers day, my garden is ablaze with flowers from my flowering trees, but none on my morning glory. On the 3rd week of May I went to the post office to buy stamps, the post lady had a picture of morning glory with hummingbird feeding on it on her stand. I asked if she grew morning glory in her yard and she said yes. I asked her how to flower a morning glory and she said, just don’t water it for a week, maybe you are spoiling it, it is better to ignore it.
I did just that. After a week my morning glory started to bud and since then the vine greeted me blooms of beautiful blue flowers each morning.

I also did not know that morning glory represents love in vain. According to the Victoria Language of Flowers, they attribute various properties and sentiments to flowers ,so people can communicate their feelings to the type of flowers given ,such as a suitors gift to a lady there are interested in. Nice to know. And also, did you know that morning glory is poisonous?

Until then, I will continue to share my gardening experiences . Follow my blog.

Lilia Lord

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