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Baby food,a new fad to lose weight

Jennifer Aniston is in the limelight,not for her role in a movie but the dieting trend she is on: the blend or baby food diet! Sources say that she lost 7 lbs in 1 week. She is on a diet to prepare for her upcoming movie ,”Just go with it” ,where her role is to wear lots of little dresses. She hired celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson who put her on the blend or baby food diet. The blend or baby food diet includes fruit smoothies,pureed oatmeal,pears with cinnamon, soups containing dandelion greens and a dinner of lean meat and vegetables plus lots and lots of water.

Except for the fruit from the smoothies,oatmeal, pears and the vegetables from the dinner meal, the baby food diet lacks carbohydrate,needed for energy. The only fat is from the meat that she consumes once a day. Her diet is lacking in essential fatty acids, not to mention the vitamins and minerals that is missing in her limited diet. The protein from meat I assumed is 4oz. This should provide her 28 grams of protein and about 10 grams of fat , which is inadequate to meet her nutritional needs.The baby food she consumes is designed to meet a toodler’s nutrition needs and definetely inadequate to meet an active women’s nutritional requirements.

To stay on the diet for 2 or 3 days is fasting, to exceed this timeframe is asking for trouble. Eventually her energy will diminish and her body will go on ketosis (the body burns her own fat to use as energy). The part where she drinks lots of water is to rid of the toxic waste .

Beware of fad diets, they can do more harm than good.

The trend is to eat a full adult meal and use the baby food to make up for the rest of the meal that one normally takes, i.e breakfast,lunch or dinner. It is just to fill the gap. If the full meal is a balance meal, then the baby food eaten between meals and when hungry is just a to fill the sweet tooth. We eat more than what our body needs anyway . Eating takes time. People are faced with what to eat and in so doing end up eating something they did not plan to eat to begin with, it happens to me often. Nowadays you order a green salad to cut down on calories, you end up with more calories than expected because it has nuts, rich salad dressing,etc. 1 small bottle junior tapioca pudding is only 4-6 oz and probably contain
140 calories.

The idea behind all these is convenience, because of there hectic schedule. The question is why a baby food?
It limits the quantity of food eaten

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