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Romancing with Soy – is soy right for you?

There is a brewing concern that the isoflavanoids in soy can do more harm than good.The fascination with soy started in the last decade when studies unveiled that the soy contain isoflavanoids (phytoestrogen) . Isoflavoids contain powerful anti oxidant properties that may help prevent cell damage (oxidation) caused by free radicals. Soy isoflavanoides can act like weak estrogen and may block receptors similar to the way Tamoxefin, (cancer drug) work to prevent reoccurence of estrogen sensitive breast cancer. Here’s where the conflict rise, taking isoflavanoids with tamoxefin may fuel the growth of tumors.
Where is the soy coming from?Americans have not quite aquired the taste for soy as food. Soy protein is a component of many over the counter nutritional supplements ,in addition to soy capsule or tablets. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) formally ruled that 25 grams of soy protein taken daily is beneficial. Knowing the American mentality , that if one is good two is better. Could it be that consumers are taking more than the usual dose since soy supplements can be purchased without prescription
A Japanese longitudinal study was published on soy consumption and breast cancer. 24,226 Japanese women between the ages of 40-69 years of age were included in the study that lasted 10.8 years. In this study, the isoflavanoid level of the women in the study was measured . The study correlated the level of isoflavanoid to the development of cancer. The study concluded that women with the highest level of isoflavanoids has the lowest risk for cancer. Only 4% of China’s land is arable. Grazing cows was not an option. Soy was cultivated because it is a prolific bearer and can produce enough food to feed the country’s ever growing population. Soy contains all the essential amino acids to essential to human nutrition.
In the last decade, the sale of soy nutritional product escalated. Soy is a component of many nutritional products , and also as soy powder is shelf safe and more refined. You can find soy as an over the counter pharmaceuticals in the form of capsule and tablets. US supermarkets now have tofu displayed in the refrigerated section of the supermarkets .You can either buy firm (excellent for stir frying) firm or soft for preparing omelets,soup etc. Silken tofu in tetra packs is shelf safe , soy bean oils,and shelf safe soy milk and edamame (found in the frozen section). Venture into an asian supermarket and you will see endless soy product beyond your imagination. There is miso paste, tempeh, fried tofu, soy noodles, dried tofu, soy milk,tofu with mushrooms, soy bean sprouts, fresh soy pudding etc. and the list goes on. Go to Starbuck’s and try there soy latte. It is delicious.
The asians are experts in the preparation of soy and soy products. Recipes had been passed from generations to generations and had been fined tuned with the addition of newly found and developed ingredients. Find a friend or neighbor to show you how a dish is prepared. Or if you are adventureous, go to an asian restaurant and order a tofu dish and see if you like the taste In Japan, miso is part of there daily breakfast fare.
Tofu or soy , sans ingredients and seasoning is tasteless. Add the right kind of ingredient and spike it with the right flavor and the taste will be magically transform to mimic the taste you want it to be.
With reference to the cancer scare, people with cancer of the breast or in remission should definetely be concern. They should avoid soy and soy products until new research proves otherwise. If you have gout ,refrain from eating soy as the uric acid can cause you to have painful joints. Do not give babies soy milk if they are not allergic to milk. If you think you are allergy to soy, omit it from your diet, and check all the other over the counter medication you are taking to avoid adverse reaction.
If you do not fall in the above category, learn to cook it!

Heres a recipe for tofu omelet: purchase (1) silken tofu in tetra pack. open container & drain the water. Cut in cube set aside.
You will need the following: 1 tbsp. vegetable oil, use canola or corn oil, 2 minced garlic cloves,1/2 bunch chopped green onion,1 medium ripe diced tomatoes and 3 large eggs, beaten. Discard the egg yolk of the two eggs. You will also need 2 tbsp. of oil for frying the omelet , and salt and pepper for seasoning.

Heat 1 tbsp. of oil in the skillet, when hot,saute the garlic until fragrant . Stir in the tomatoes,green onions and cubed tofu. Season with salt and pepper. Saute for 3 minutes Set aside. In another skillet, heat about 2 tbsp. of oil, when hot, pour the 3 beaten eggs,swirl the pan to spread the egg. when the egg sets, add the stir fried tofu. Spread mixture in the middle of egg. Flip the sides of the egg to cover the topping. Flip over the omelet to seal and cook the other side. Enjoy!

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